iTrack™ 250A Canaloplasty Microcatheter

The iTrack250A Canaloplasty Microcatheter with an illuminated beacon tip is designed specifically for use in Canaloplasty procedures, via anatomically compliant access to the anterior segment of the eye.

Flexibility is a key benefit—the iTrack™ 250A Canaloplasty Microcatheter design enables 360-degree access to and dilation of Schlemm’s canal.

Our advanced microcatheter, the smallest available, signals a new era of site-specific intervention. The iTrack™ 250A Canaloplasty Microcatheter provides:
  • 250-micron overall diameter for minimally invasive procedures
  • The flexibility to enable 360-degree dilation of Schlemm’s canal
  • Catheter support wire to provide pushability during catheterization
  • Optical fiber to illuminate the distal tip for continual transcleral visualization
  • An atraumatic tip designed to minimize potential for tissue damage
  • Convenient screw-type injection system for precise dispensing of viscoelastic materials during Canaloplasty
  • Lubricous coating allowing more controlled, smooth catheter advancement

The iScience Interventional Canaloplasty Microcatheter is indicated for fluid infusion and aspiration during surgery. The iScience Interventional Canaloplasty Microcatheter is indicated for catheterization and viscodilation of Schlemm’s canal to reduce intraocular pressure in adult patients with open-angle glaucoma. FDA Cleared. 510(k) # K080067