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March 2011
Canaloplasty: Changing the Glaucoma Treatment Program

March 2011

March 2011
PhacoCanaloplasty™ Didactic Course:
Saturday, March 26, 2011 San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina

March 2011
PhacoCanaloplasty™ and Canaloplasty Didactic Course:
Saturday, March 5, 2011 St. Regis Monarch Beach Hotel

July 2010
PhacoCanaloplasty: Combining Canaloplasty with Cataract Surgery

April 2010
iScience Interventional, Inc enters into a collaborative supply agreement with Centocor Research and Development, Inc.

February 2010
Assisting the creation of Descemet's Window using the Canaloplasty Manipulator

Non-penetrating Schlemm's canaloplasty versus trabeculectomy

January 2010
Technique lowers glaucoma's elevated eye pressure

Glaucoma research foundation's gleams

Canaloplasty manipulator PPT (Baseer K, MD) and canaloplasty dissector footage (Cantor L, MD)

July 2009
New glaucoma treatment could provide permanent relief

June 2009
Glaucoma surgery headed toward less invasive, more effective approach

May 2009
24-Month Data. Read the Peer-Reviewed Article

Gold standard trabeculectomy challenged by new procedures

Canaloplasty 2-year clinical data published

No significant difference seen between canaloplasty, trabeculectomy at 1 year

Canaloplasty: circumferential viscodilation and tensioning of Schlemm canal using a flexible microcatheter for the treatment of open-angle glaucoma in adults. Two-year interim clinical study results

Canaloplasty's learning curve

April 2009
Canaloplasty compared with trabeculectomy showed no significant differences in IOP or eye drop reduction at 1-year

Canaloplasty combined with phaco dramatically reduces IOP, medications

Combined canaloplasty-phaco procedure shows reductions in medications, IOP

Canaloplasty technique using fibrin glue for quicker cases

Online community connects glaucoma surgeons

iScience Interventional $20.5 million in Series F funding

iScience launches support Web site for canaloplasty surgeons

March 2009
2-year data: Canaloplasty deserves consideration as blebless option

iScience Interventional launches surgeon Web site

iScience launches Web site for surgeons

Canaloplasty adoption website launched

iScience launches support Web site for canaloplasty surgeons

February 2009
360 degree trabeculotomy for congenital glaucoma

January 2009
Sustained IOP reductions seem with Canaloplasty, new study suggests

Non-penetrating procedures for less-developed glaucoma

November 2008
Canaloplasty advances with new approval

October 2008
Canaloplasty meets phacoemulsification

Canaloplasty: the less traumatic alternative.
Eighteen-month results confirm safety & efficacy

September 2008
Canaloplasty: new contender in glaucoma surgery arena

Illuminated microcatheter aids successful trabeculotomy

August 2008
Canaloplasty Microcatheter FDA Approval

June 2008
Options for glaucoma surgical management

Canaloplasty, phaco provide effective IOP reduction in glaucoma patients

May 2008
Canaloplasty: popularity growing

Combined Canaloplasty and cataract surgery

360 degree trabeculectomy best way to treat congenital glaucoma

April 2008
Combined Canaloplasty and Cataract Surgery Results

Canaloplasty becoming an important contender in glaucoma surgery arena

Canaloplasty significantly lowers pressure, has low complication rate, European study finds

Canaloplasty-phaco procedure effective for patients with OAG, cataracts

March 2008
Circumferential viscodilation and tensioning of Schlemm canal (canaloplasty) with temporal clear corneal phacoemulsification cataract surgery for open-angle glaucoma and visually significant cataract. JCRS.

Glaucoma controlled with combined procedure

February 2008
Fibrin glue in glaucoma surgery

January 2008
Combined trabeculectomy and cataract surgery

December 2007
What's ahead in 2008: A wish-list of new technologies for 2008

November 2007
Canaloplasty: Safe and effective

October 2007
The iTrack for Pediatric Trabeculotomy

Early Canaloplasty Data Indicate an Alternative to Trabeculectomy

September 2007
Canaloplasty shows favorable outcomes in patients with OAG

Canaloplasty: New Approach to Nonpenetrating Glaucoma Surgery

August 2007
Billing for Interventional Glaucoma Surgery

Canaloplasty: A Better Way to Lower IOP?

July 2007
Coding a Glaucoma Solution: Canaloplasty billing tips

Canaloplasty Viscodilation and Tensioning of Schlemm’s Canal Using a Flexible Microcatheter for the Treatment of Open-Angle Glaucoma in Adults. JCRS.

June 2007
Trabs and Beyond: Advances in Filtration

May 2007
Schlemm's canal cannulation may rejuvenate aqueous outflow

Canaloplasty: A new path for glaucoma surgery

April 2007
Canaloplasty lowers IOP, medications needed in glaucoma patients

March 2007
Ongoing study finds canaloplasty can significantly reduce IOP

Nonpenetrating techniques could be future of glaucoma surgery

Highlights of the AGS Annual Meeting

February 2007
Canaloplasty safely enhances aqueous outflow

Canaloplasty procedure shows promise for open-angle glaucoma in European study

New Procedures In and Around Schlemm's Canal

The Evolution of Canaloplasty

Combined Procedures

January 2007
Canaloplasty shows promise as glaucoma therapy

November 2006
Breaking New Ground in Ultrasound

August 2006
iScience Interventional™ names two new employees in vice president positions

January 2006
Canaloplasty: The next step in the glaucoma surgery evolution

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