iCath™ is an Interventional Ophthalmology procedure that provides access to the anterior or posterior segment of the eye to deliver site-specific ocular therapies.

Anterior Segment Access Technology (ASAT) is designed to access a broad range of anatomy within the anterior segment of the eye. The iTrack™ 250A microcatheter platform will enable interventional ophthalmologists to access ocular structures, such as the anterior chamber angle and Schlemm’s canal during anterior segment surgery.

Pharmaceutical regimens and penetrating surgical procedures have not demonstrated an ability to restore the natural drainage process. Instead they attempt to:

  • Reduce the production of intraocular fluid
  • Enhance the secondary drainage pathway (uveoscleral)
  • Create an artificial drainage pathway for fluid drainage
    (filtering blebs, tube shunts)


  • Typically lowers IOP to 17 mmHg
  • 42% of all pharmaceutically treated patients are on multiple medications
  • One-third of all patients taking multiple medications are not compliant
    Data on file


  • Can result in scarring
  • A half-hour trabeculectomy may need 20 hours or more of postoperative follow-up to deal with complications
  • 21% of all surgically treated patients experience complications
  • 58% of all cases significantly regress over a ten-year period
    Data on file

To view an animation of the ASAT procedure, click here.