At iScience Interventional™, we continually strive to expand the range and efficacy of ocular treatments.

To that end, we are collaborating with ophthalmic leaders in pioneering a new subspecialty called Interventional Ophthalmology. This unique discipline utilizes our microcatheter and guidance technologies to deliver site-specific therapies via physiological routes of access.

The procedural component of Interventional Ophthalmology is referred to as an iCath™ procedure, which utilizes an iTrack™ microcatheter to deliver site-specific ocular therapies.

The surgeon armamentarium for the iCath™ Canaloplasty nonpenetrating procedure includes three iScience platforms: iTrack™ 250A Canaloplasty micron-scale catheter with illuminating tip, iLumin™ fiberoptic microillumination system, and iUltraSound™ high-definition, ultrasound-based imaging system.

iTrack™ 250A is a composite, multi-element Canaloplasty microcatheter designed specifically to access small, sensitive spaces within the eye. Its illuminated, atraumatic beacon tip is designed to allow exceptional visibility and trackability, while minimizing the potential for tissue damage.

iLumin™ is a laser-diode based, microillumination system that provides transcleral visualization of the iTrack™ microcatheter beacon tip. It provides direct visualization of the microcatheter location within the ocular anatomy, optimizing surgeon control.

iUltraSound™ is a high-definition imaging system that provides enhanced visualization of key ocular outflow structures in the anterior segment. iUltraSound™ provides an accurate morphological assessment of surgically created drainage passageways along with natural drainage structures such as Schlemm’s canal and aqueous collector channels. The iUltraSound™ system is uniquely designed for in-office or intraoperative imaging for glaucoma management.