We believe strongly in the “Science” in our name.

Founded in 1999 with headquarters in Menlo Park, California, iScience Interventional™ is a science, technology and patient outcome-driven medical device company that specializes in the development of leading-edge, interventional therapies and procedures for ophthalmic diseases.

Our mission is to research, discover, and develop technologies that enable ophthalmologists to advance how eye diseases are addressed and managed. At iScience Interventional™, we believe strongly in the “science” in our name, and we strive to base our product development efforts on the thorough scientific investigation of ophthalmic disease and treatment.

iScience Interventional™ was the first company to develop microcatheter and high resolution imaging systems that enable ophthalmologists to perform true site-specific therapy. We are also the premier company focused on the advancement of Interventional Ophthalmology. This new arena addresses the previously unmet need for treatment of sight-threatening diseases with the innovative, minimally invasive iCath™ procedures.

iCath™ procedures provide access to the anterior or posterior segment of the eye to deliver site-specific ocular therapies such as ASAT and PSAT.

Canaloplasty is one example of ASAT; a site-specific, non-penetrating procedure designed to revitalize the natural outflow system of the eye.

PSAT, another site-specific therapy, is designed to offer precision aspiration of ocular fluids and delivery of sterile ophthalmic solutions to specific targets in the posterior segment of the eye.